Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

(CMMC) Explained:


The CMMC is described as a "unified cybersecurity standard". The intent of CMMC is to build upon existing regulations, policy, and memoranda from the Department of Defense by adding a third-party verification component to cybersecurity protections.

The CMMC was created in response to growing concerns by Congress and within the Department of Defense (DoD) over the increased presence of cyber threats and intrusions aimed at the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) and its supply chains. Due to the sharing of Federal Contract Information (FCI) and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) throughout the supply chain, the attack surface of the DoD has been greatly expanded. Cybersecurity is now a fundamental aspect of DoD acquisition. The CMMC will be a major change in the DoD approach to cybersecurity for defense contractors. The DoD appears to be looking for better methods to verify that its requirements are actually being satisfactorily implemented.

The CMMC model describes the requirements that contractors must meet to qualify for certain maturity certifications, ranging from LEVEL 1, ("Basic Cyber Hygiene" practices and "Performed" processes) through LEVEL 5 ("Advanced/ Progressive" practices and "Optimized" processes.

Level 1

level 5

What MSI

caN dO foR you 

By the end of 2020 all parties that bid for work with the DoD must be compliant to at least the CMMC LEVEL 3

MSI will perform a baseline assessment of an organizations information security environment to identify which level (if any) the client currently meets. Using our knowledge of multi-faced technologies, MSI will conduct further reviews and provide the necessary recommendations to move forward in a safer cybersecurity network.

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Need more information on the CMMC process? MSI has compiled various articles and videos on how the CMMC can be beneficial to organizations across the industry.