Meet the Team - Q&A with Tim Jennison

MSI is welcoming a new generation to take our organization into the future. Meet the team that our founder and president, Michael Enders, has chosen to continue providing our clients with high standard quality management services.

Tim Jennison has been with our team for over four years as a Management Specialist. His focus is in the aerospace industry, assisting our clients in registration and compliance to AS9100D and other industry regulations.

Q1: Why did you gravitate to specializing in aerospace management & standardization?

Tim: "Starting off my career as an aircraft maintenance mechanic I quickly found out the importance of industry standardization and consideration for following best practices. Starting as an airframe and power-plant technician, my interest grew upstream to the manufacturers world. I quickly understood the fact that it is a dynamic responsibility by the industry to always ensure the global industry sticks together. I want to be a part of that team and influence it with practical experience as a mechanic."

Q2: In a few words, can you explain the importance of suppliers being registered to current AS standards?

Tim: "Being registered to AS9100 by an accredited registrar improves an organization’s 'acceptance' into the supply chain. Respectively, the AS supply chain is a tight knit community. Reputation and word of mouth is always something that you have to be conscious of. To be a part of it, you need to be recognized and you need to be aware of the forever-changing controls put in place. Being registered is a form of communication / linkage amongst the industry."

Q3: How does a subcontracted Quality Manager manage daily operations and personnel?

Tim: "The role as a quality manager is to be the eyes and ears of the organization. I rely on inter-departmental relationships organization wide. Past, present and future concerns are communicated on a regular basis. Formal methods for action item tracking per department and process are communicated amongst upper management and interested parties internally and externally. The goal as your Quality Manager is an avenue for continual improvement that everyone in the organization can partake in."

Q4: At MSI, continuous improvement is key. What goals/initiatives do you plan to implement for yourself?

Tim: "My priority is system functionality amongst all departments, important factors being consistent communication at all levels of an organization and clarity between the alignment/conformance of client management systems and regulatory/industry/customer requirements. My goal, and that of MSI, is to help relieve the burden of responsibilities put onto the forever-adapting quality assurance team."


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