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In the aerospace and defense industry, safety, reliability and quality are paramount. Compliance applies to manufacturers and suppliers in the field of development as well as in production and maintenance. MSI offers comprehensive aerospace quality management to organizations across the globe.




AS9100 can improve the safety and reliability of all related aerospace articles.

AS13100 is designed to simplify how the aerospace industry handles requirements. 

 Nadcap offers the opportunity for suppliers to gain tighter controls within their special processes.



AS9100 is the international quality management system (QMS) standard for the aerospace industry, providing suppliers with a system to ensure they produce safe and reliable products according industry and government regulations.

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Certification is important so much as it is vital for anyone working with aerospace manufacturers and suppliers. Most tier-one suppliers won’t do business with a company unless they have AS9100 certification.


Whether you're looking to become AS9100 certified or you already are, MSI will help provide confidence to your aviation, space, and defense customers through continuous support and regular maintenance.

Identify & Mitigate Risk

across your supply chain by developing risk-based thinking.

Optimize Efficiency

by continuously detecting and addressing areas for improvement

Customer Satisfaction

we will ensure you're meeting all customer requirements under AS9100

Continuous Protection

with an AS9100 certification and continuous maintenance



AS13100 collaborates requirements for suppliers and customers to standardize quality and most importantly continue to foster aviation safety. AS13100 provides a common set of quality requirements that enable the global aero engine supply chain to be competitive through lean capable processes and a culture of continuous improvement. 

Tier-one suppliers are currently expecting organizations on their supply chain to be AS13100 certified by 2023. The certification process is lengthy and complex, MSI is equipped to lighten your load, by reviewing your organizations systems and apply the standard where it is applicable. 


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AS13100 & RM's Published

Online ASQ Training

Begin Compliance Assessment & Gap Analysis 

QMS Development  AS13100 requirements

Close QMS Gaps

Train Internal Parties as required

Conduct Internal Audit

Close AS13100 Gaps with CARs

Suppliers are subject to AS13100 Requirements




NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) is a complex yet rewarding accreditation that is based on special processes like chemical processing, heat treating, and others that are used by aerospace suppliers. This certification process is intended to be a managed approach to conformity and auditing that follows strict requirements for suppliers that are standardized by government and industry leaders. The Performance Review Institute (PRI) is the accrediting body that administers NADCAP certifications. 

We can help prepare your organization for certification by reviewing your quality management system and performing regular audits of your special process in line with  NADCAP requirements. Our in-depth audit package will provide the PRI auditor with a full scope of your organizations current processes.


Determine all audit requirements;

Developing audit checklists, training materials, and other documents;

Work with the Nadcap Management Council (also made up of industry and government representatives) for continual improvement


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NADCAP & Special Processes 

By: Tim Jennison

"The aerospace industry has compartmentalized the complex structure of checks and balances through the means of forming the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP). NADCAP is an industry-managed approach to conformity assessment of 'special processes' that brings together technical experts from prime contractors, suppliers and representatives from government to work together and establish requirements for approval of suppliers using a standardized approach. Before establishing NADCAP, aerospace companies audited their own Suppliers to their own process requirements to verify compliance."

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