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I’m Michael P. Enders, Managing Partner and founder of Management Systems Improvement (MSI).

I’ve been in the quality-improvement field since 1972, working in a variety of manufacturing industries in capacities ranging from inspection to spearheading entire off-shore production facilities. I first became involved with ISO 9000 in 1989. After years of helping companies improve their quality management systems and achieve their registration goals, I realized that organizations also needed support in a number of other areas where the same insight, persistence and vision could be just as effective.

You could say quality and management improvement runs through my veins. I’ve helped hundreds of companies successfully achieve their improvement goals. Honestly, I’ve come to see this job as a combination of understanding and appreciating the comprehensive tools thousands of experienced quality experts have refined over the past several decades, combined with the ability to apply these measurements, standards and processes across a variety of industries, cultures, and competitive arenas.

My previous company, American Quality Resources, grew and was very successful, but managing staff took me further away from the work I loved most: getting onto shop floors and into management offices personally, to see what worked, what could be improved, and how best to implement smart, proven changes. By returning to a smaller staff model with MSI, I get to know my clients and their businesses more thoroughly and become part of their organizations, without my clients having to worry about extra overhead, paying benefits, training, and related costs.

Please take a few minutes to learn more about MSI, our philosophy, and our services through this website and call me directly at (860) 478-7496 to talk or to set up a no-obligation consultation. I look forward to meeting and working with you and your team!

Michael P. Enders
Founder / Managing Partner

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