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30 Years of Quality, a Lifetime of Family.


In 1993, when we began as American Quality Resources (AQR), our focus was on helping companies maintain registration to the 1987 version of ISO 9000, the International Standard for Quality Management Systems. At the time, the Standard essentially consisted of the development of “the big honkin’ binder” which served as the basis for assessment by the registrar. The Standard required that “…the supplier shall establish and maintain documented procedures for…” a lot of activities that were not value-added processes for most companies. The result was that companies were saddled with a lot of documentation and paperwork. The reputation of ISO 9000 suffered, as it came to be seen as a bureaucratic burden that did not account for the many differences across the industries required to conform to it.


In the year 2000, ISO was revolutionized. The focus became “the adoption of a quality management system…that meets the needs and expectations of its customers and other interested parties (people in the organization, suppliers, owners, society), to achieve competitive advantage and to do this in an effective and efficient manner.” Further, the new Standard proceeded to define that the purpose of the organization is to “…achieve, maintain and improve overall organizational performance and capabilities.” With the new direction provided by ISO 9001:2000, we sought to re-evaluate our own business model; the result was AQR's new configuration as Management Systems Improvement, LLC.


Now, in addition to reviewing existing processes and helping to institute QMS procedures, we offer a breadth of value-added management and organizational support services that address the nuances of each client’s individual needs. By taking a wider, more objective view of your operation, we bring years of experience and knowledge to help you address operational issues and drive positive, transformative change. That model has worked well for us in the past – now, we’ve expanded our abilities to help strengthen yours.

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Michael Enders

Starting in Quality Assurance program development, training and management in 1972, Michael Enders has been involved with a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical devices and energy. He develops and implements Quality, Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, and has extensive experience establishing these systems in Hong Kong, China, Australia, and Mexico. Trained as an Assessor for ISO 9000 quality management systems, he has developed and delivered consultant and internal employee training programs in both the United States and Hungary. Using all ISO management system standards he actively works with numerous of companies in management systems development and improvement.

Managing Partner
Tracy Enders

By Michael's side since the beginning of American Quality Resources and Management Systems Improvement, Tracy has helped to develop the business over the years. Using her history in HR, she has cultivated a team to represent MSI at its best, carrying on the legacy of high-quality management services that MSI is known for. Tracy can also help organizations fill personnel positions, understanding what the company needs and finding the best candidate to do the job.

HR Specialist
Mary Leigh Enders

As daughter of the owner, Michael Enders, Mary Leigh has been working at MSI for as long as she could answer phones. Finishing her degree in Business and Public Policy in May 2017 from Young Harris College, Mary Leigh stepped into her new role as Operating Partner of MSI. Primarily, she is responsible for implementing MSI’s new Intern Program and will be managing marketing and sales for MSI, as well as overseeing the “back office” of the company. She has also spent time at clients over the years learning the business and assisting management system development at the clients.

Operating Partner
Joshua Enders

Graduating high school a semester early and jumping into the business, Joshua (Michael’s son) has always had an aptitude for business and finance. As a member of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), he developed skills he now uses as a partner in MSI and as the founder of his community organization, Sustainable Windham Initiative. 

Financial Officer
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