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Our Dirty Little Secret

We are more than excited to announce a momentous achievement that has been ingrained in our company's aspirations since its inception three decades ago. Under the esteemed leadership of our founder, Michael Enders, and his successor, Mary Leigh Enders, Management Systems Improvement, LLC has (finally) been registered to the International Standard for Quality Management ISO 9001:2015.


Throughout our thirty years, we never found the right time to get our own house organized to the extent that we could pursue registration. There was always “something”! Not the right people, not enough resources, too busy, the processes aren’t ready yet, always working on those elusive KPIs. We heard all the excuses and were not ashamed to use them. With the current Team, all those excuses became challenges to overcome. We now have one of the most modern systems that could be imagined (go “Trello”!) backed up by nearly thirty (coincidence) KPIs that we monitor monthly and use to tell us of the health of the organization. It is a very functional system, one that could not have been imagined back in the ISO 9001:1987 “big honkin’ binder” days.

The attainment of ISO 9001 registration is a testament to our enduring commitment to excellence and the culmination of a journey that reflects the dedication of the entire MSI team. We gladly took ideas from our own Clients in the development of our QMS. Conversely, our registration drive brought us to processes and methods that we are now handing back to our Clients.

Quality management lies at the core of MSI's philosophy, guiding our organizational decisions and actions since our establishment as American Quality Resources in 1993. The pursuit of ISO 9001 registration was no small feat for an organization that has been a leader in quality management for decades. There was little room for error and a huge opportunity to create a Quality Management System that was not only to the highest standards of MSI, but also innovative and modern in its deployment. 

Requiring meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication from all team members, the collaborative efforts of each member made certification possible after years of planning and implementation. As we celebrate this significant milestone, we extend our sincere appreciation to the MSI team for their instrumental contributions in shaping and fortifying our procedures and processes.

The ISO 9001 registration serves as a collective triumph, underscoring the diligence, commitment, and expertise demonstrated by each member of our team throughout this transformative journey. Our path to ISO 9001 compliance involved a comprehensive and collaborative effort. The entire MSI family engaged in a rigorous self-assessment, meticulously identifying areas for improvement, and fine-tuning our processes to align seamlessly with the stringent ISO 9001 standards. Each team member played a pivotal role in sculpting our processes and procedures, ensuring they not only met but exceeded the highest industry benchmarks.

As we proudly unfurl the ISO 9001 flag, we wish to express our profound gratitude to the entire MSI team. Your unwavering commitment to excellence has been the bedrock of this significant achievement. We look forward to continuing this journey of sustained growth, innovation, and success, fueled by the collective expertise and dedication of our exceptional team.

Here's to an era defined by transparency, excellence, and the formal acknowledgment of our steadfast commitment to management system standards. This achievement is a reflection of our collective dedication and positions MSI at the forefront of industry-leading practices, ensuring an even brighter future for our valued clients and stakeholders.

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