Management Systems Improvement (“MSI”) wants to take a moment to extend our profound gratitude for your continued patience and support through these turbulent times. Despite the struggles we collectively faced in 2020, this year has symbiotically strengthened our cohesive partnership and highlighted our resilience as an organization. With MSI’s 2020 Year End Review, we will focus on continuing to strengthen that partnership, in addition to effectively handling specific desideratums in 2021 and beyond. Understanding our clients’ needs is paramount to how we execute our services, and with your continued assurance and suggestions, we will grow as a company and become a better strategic partner. The client satisfaction process allows us to gain valuable insight into what needs to be done to ensure the best possible services in the years to come. Our mutual success is integral to how we maintain our development and evolution towards excellence. 

In previous years we have conducted our annual Year End Review through the means of an in person discussion. In lieu of the current circumstances of the uncertainty of the novel Coronavirus, we will be performing this year's review remotely.


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Overall, how satisfied are you with the work your MSI Management Specialist has provided over the past year?
CommunicationVery DisatisfiedDisatisfiedIndifferentSatisfiedVery SatisfiedCommunication
On-site WorkVery DisatisfiedDisatisfiedIndifferentSatisfiedVery SatisfiedOn-site Work
Off-site WorkVery DisatisfiedDisatisfiedIndifferentSatisfiedVery SatisfiedOff-site Work
ReportingVery DisatisfiedDisatisfiedIndifferentSatisfiedVery SatisfiedReporting
Timeliness Very DisatisfiedDisatisfiedIndifferentSatisfiedVery SatisfiedTimeliness
QualityVery DisatisfiedDisatisfiedIndifferentSatisfiedVery SatisfiedQuality
Do you feel you need more support from management in addition to the support you receive from your assigned Management Specialist?
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We appreciate you taking the time to complete our annual Year End Review. We are looking forward to the new year working with your organization!



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